First Post, wahey!

Since I visit a lot of restaurants, I figured I might as well make an official hobby out of it. Why the hell do I take pictures of all the food I eat just to let them gather dust in the depths of my phone’s photo album. I have a lot of opinions too.

Like I said before, price is a bloody flavour! Honestly, I don’t want to be paying above €15 euros for a main unless it’s on the Michelin guide, or has a Michelin star. Of course, many restaurants are not, and are of absolutely fantastic quality, but you have to earn the right to charge this, surely? If I pay €18 for a delicious main, I’m still feeling a bit short-changed. I think I’m just cheap, because I don’t feel like that when my boyfriend pays.

So for me, price plays a huge factor into my overall review of a restaurant. I want to leave feeling well fed, not bitter and irritable.

Presentation is of utmost importance. It’s very simple really, just put your food on a plate, or in a bowl or glass. I don’t want to receive a chicken schnitzel pegged to a miniature washing line, or receive a bao inside a large clay panda (this happened), the more one uses the food as part of some strange culinary sculpture, the more I’m going to think that one is just doing intense jazz hands to detract from the lacklustre taste.

I don’t want to sound like a complete dick, because I’m actually very open minded. I love to try every type of food from every cuisine, from the greasy kebab shops to the three Michelin star places. After all, its just a case of whether the food is tasty, and reflects its price.

So, il post some reviews soon!

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