D Menu, Palma de Mallorca: ‘The formula for the perfect restaurant in Palma, Mallorca.’

For a hearty € 18 set lunch menu by a Michelin star chef in the centre of Palma, D Menu ticks all the boxes for the ideal lunch spot.

Salad starter at D Menu, always the perfect size and packed full of flavour in every bite.
  • Food (10/10)
  • Value for money (10/10)
  • Service (10/10)

I realised that writing takes a lot more willpower than I previously thought. Ever since the dreaded lockdown was announced in the UK, myself and my partner thought twice about heading back there and have shacked up for a month or so in beautiful Palma. My procrastination and recent unemployment has taken the form of eating out in restaurants at any given opportunity. Not to mention it was also my birthday and thus a 3 day eatathon was a rite of passage. BUT, I allowed to go to all these places, and spend all this money (and my partners), in the name of writing. I was going to review every place, and put it on this blog, so of course I should try every restaurant I can get my hands on.

So, onwards and upwards. Restaurant review numero dos.

Ive been to D Menu around 6 times now, maybe more. The owner, Adrian Quetglas, has about 4 restarants in Mallorca, a Michelin star place, a burger place, a tapas (i think, i’ll have to try) place, and D Menu. Whenever we go to D Menu, he is always there, and his wife will almost always serve us.

The restaurant itself is sort of hidden away on a little corner right in the centre of Palma, and its pretty small. A few tables outside and only about 6 on the interior. It’s interior design is beautiful and understated, and the tiny open kitchen gives you a glimpse of what the chefs are up to.

What I find so refreshing about D Menu is the constant changing of their lunch menu each week, and the simplicity of it. Three courses, and only six dishes on the menu. If you come as a couple its simple, just take one of everything. AND THEYRE ALL SO DELICIOUS.

Carrot Cake with orange sorbet dessert at Adrien Quetglas.

The starter will nearly always consist of either a salad, or a small rice dish. This week I had a nicoise salad with a tuna and anchovy mousse. It was at that point I decided that a mousse was the IDEAL accompaniment to a salad. Its like an incredibly light dressing that doesn’t make the salad soggy. Why has no one thought of this before? The mains are simple, which is excellent. It is lunch time and thus nothing needs to be so fancy. The salmon with apple is cooked to perfection, with tangy pieces of apple and dried fruit, which I wolf down. The chicken, also expertly cooked and ridiculously moist, comes with a delicious polenta and a truffly sauce. The waiters are always keen to know if you enjoyed yourself and what you thought of each plate, and we are always always pleased.

My favourite part of any meal is dessert. And I can honestly say that D Menu has provided me with some of the nicest and most inventive desserts I’ve had. The carrot cake is spicy and comes with a chocolate mouse and orange ice-cream. It is heavenly. The other option was pineapple with kefir lime sorbet, SO refreshing and SO moreish, I couldve eaten five.

For the €18 euros, you get three courses, as well as bread and water. For me, Adrian Quetglas has honed his skills and created the perfect formula for a restaurant. We keep coming back because its so well priced, we feel so welcome, and the food is of such a high standard.

D Menu 3 course lunch menu is available all week for €18.

Plaça de Sant Antoni, 17, 07002 Palma, Illes Balears


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