Chapultapec, Palma de Mallorca: ‘Generous Plates of Mexican Homecooking.’

Big and bold dishes packed full with authentic Mexican flavour.

  • Food (8/10)
  • Service (7/10)
  • Value (7/10)
Cochinita Pibil and Tinga de Guerrero at Chapultapec

After going to Madrid last year and encountering the cheapest and best Mexican EVER, I get irritated going to any other Mexican restaurant. Takos al Pastor Restauraunt in Madrid sells tacos for a euro each, and the cheesiest quesadillas ever. There is always a massive queue outside, which isn’t surprising seeing as you can stuff your face with tacos until you hate yourself for a very competitive price. No other restaurant compares to it, and now when I go to a Mexican and I get 2 average tacos for £6, my mind can’t help but think about the 6 amazing tacos I could’ve got in Madrid for the same money. HOWEVER, I was willing to give Chapultepec a go, as it offers more than just tacos and quesadillas, plus I had no money on me so my boyfriend would have to pay anyway. Also because Mexican is up their with my favourite cuisines ever.

Chapultepec is a homely Mexican restaurant a short walk from the centre of Palma, it was dark inside, but homely and welcoming , with lots of lunch reservations (always a good sign). The menu was pretty big, with a choice of all the usual burritos, enchiladas, tacos, nachos etc etc. They also offered plates of typical Mexican cuisine, which we decided to order for mains, to be a bit ADVENTUROUS. We still went for some tacos al pastor to start. Thick and tasty homemade corn tortillas arrived with generous helpings of sweet and tangy pork, lime and salsa. A decent portion of five tacos for a not too terrible €12,50 (the price of 12 and a half tacos in Madrid). They were delicious, and packed full of flavour. Just look at those tortillas in the photo below, they’re so shiny!

Tacos al Pastor (£12,50)

Chapultapec’s main dishes were truly banging. It felt as though i’d been adopted by a little Mexican abuela, plating me mountains of delicious food so I could grow up to be big and strong. The Cochinita Pibil, a traditional dish from the Yucatán Peninsula (southern Mexico) was a massive plate of moist pork in a tangy and rich sauce, slow roasted altogether in banana leave to preserve all the juices and flavour. The pickled onions on top were fantastic, and now I want them on top of everything. We also ordered the Tinga de Guerrero, a spicy and generous chipotle pulled pork dish (which was enjoyable but slightly too hot for my weak European taste buds). Both mains came with tortillas on the side, along with beans and rice. They were around €12 each, a bloody decent price for such huge plates filled to the brim with meat.

Eating at Chapultapec felt like properly authentic homecooking, and was exactly what I wanted on a greyish and otherwise nondescript afternoon. It isn’t often at restaurants that you just get a big ol’ serving of wet food slopped beautifully onto your plate, and we were all over it like a rash. It was gone within minutes. I guess its refreshing to just have food served to you as you would do for yourself at home. Just a dollop of meat, dollop of beans and some rice. It didn’t need to try and be anything more than that, and was delightful just as it was.

Cochinita Pibil (€12,80)

Chapultapec Carrer Faust Morell, 11, 07005 Palma, Illes Balears


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