A Very Tier Four Wednesday

I paid for this “ellyeats” domain, so even if all the restaurants are shut I might as well use it. So henceforth, a blog. Not even about food, just my thoughts vomited onto a page.

A Very Tier Four day is a day in which one does the general array of activities available for someone confined in a Tier 4 zone (nearly the entire UK). The key to a day such as this is to drag out the morning as slowly as possible (reading your book in bed for an hour with a coffee, then relocating to the kitchen for an hour with a coffee) until suddenly its twelve and you can say on cue “Where did the morning go?”. Except you know exactly where it went. The only issue with this tactic is that the sun sets at 4pm, giving you a mere 4 hours of vitamin D on your skin until your whole world plunges into darkness once again.

Today was slightly different as myself and my sister organised an excursion for ourselves. A nice brisk walk to big Sainsburys to buy some flour and vanilla vodka. Bit different, passes time, nice day. I KNOW you’re only supposed to go to the supermarket for essential reasons, but I want to make Pornstar Martinis on New Years Eve, and I also want to make Sourdough bread, because this is a thing I do now i’m unemployed and living at home with my parents. The walk was decent, my sister proclaiming that one of the things she looks forward to after the pandemic is “not having to think about moving out the way for people on the pavement”. I agreed wholeheartedly. We discussed which room in the house was our favourite to have a drink. My choice had to be the kitchen, always something going on, relaxed vibe, easy to top up your glass. My sisters was the living room, comfy seats, open fire and the Christmas decorations are there to add some festive cheer to your beverage. I think on New Years eve we might drink in my bedroom for the change of scenery. We literally considered the outside shed, so at least it felt like we were going somewhere.

A man sneezed near me in Sainsburys. Also, it was so BUSY, but I was one of the people in there making it busy so I can’t really complain. We bought what we needed, plus a reduced nut roast and a 25p reduced hummus, and left. That was my activity of the day, and it was over by 12:30pm. Stay posted for more thrilling updates.


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